Whether you’re on a budget or don’t always have time to get to the gym, having your own fitness equipment can be super helpful for maintaining consistency. 

​​​​​In this week's YouTube video, we discuss the equipment we love for training efficiently without breaking the bank. Check it out below ⬇️

You don’t need every piece of equipment we mention, but having two or three can allow you to train your full body really effectively and have some fun outside the gym.

Training consistently requires us to be adaptable—maybe you run out of time for a full gym session but you have an hour to play around with your gymnastics rings at the park…maybe you don’t have enough for that fancy row machine but you can afford a set of bands to start working on your shoulder stability…

And maybe in adapting, you find you actually enjoy more unconventional training methods!

Tools don’t create motivation or progress, you do…but the right tools can help facilitate a consistency that leads to motivation and progress. The list we provide in this week’s video is just a starting point too; whatever equipment you choose, make it work for you.

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