I remember the months I spent of hard, and sometimes painful work to get a solid muscle up and a consistent pistol squat.

It’s easy to quit and become discouraged. These strength skills take time because they involve strength, mobility, and coordination.

But I’m always thankful I stuck with it when I’m on the road needing to get time-efficient workouts in.

The reason why these 2 exercises work so efficiently is they’re big ranges of motion that force you to get strong everywhere. Push, pull, flex, extend. Control your whole body.

I haven’t trained my ring muscle up in years but it’s engrained in my body and I can always come back to it. Sets of 5 have actually become easier overtime, with no direct work.

Of course these aren’t necessary exercises. You can do just as much with pull-ups, push-ups, dips, 2 leg squats or lunges. But it takes more time to get the same effect. You’ll also probably need to add in equipment at some point.

I think there’s a lot of value in pushing yourself to learn something new. Overcoming challenge and frustration leads to satisfaction if done for the right intentions.

Are you developing your muscle up or pistol squat this year?


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