Are you after a body that can move better?

Have you experienced muscle imbalances from sitting in comfortable chairs or couches for too many hours? Do you feel stiff after your daily workout regimen? Have you lost abilities you had when you were younger?

Have you experienced one or maybe all of the above? It does not have to be this way.

You can stay strong, flexible and and athletic as you grow older.

In fact, we can keep unlocking new athletic abilities because we grow wiser.

Too often, we see athletes retire at 25, and the rest of our years are filled with a few runs per week, one or two lifting sessions, and the ever-increasing stiffness in our shoulders and knees. Perhaps there's a little back pain to top it all off.

The problem isn't that the body degrades...

It's that we stop moving. We stop moving in the ways that maintain our joint health, youthfulness, and natural abilities.

You have natural athletic abilities inside you waiting to be unleashed.

Here's the game plan.

The right mobility tools to regain what you lost.

Maybe you have noticed it’s not that easy to just hop into a stretch you used to do when you were younger. As an adult, you need the right stretches and mobility tools to unlock what you have lost.

Strength training that supports joints and range of motion.

Training like a bodybuilder is great for packing on muscle, but it’s terrible for maintaining your body’s flexibility. If you want to be strong AND athletic, you need to strength train with full range of motion and you need to focus on the correct strength training exercises. When you do this, the body becomes long and strong.

Moving your body organically.

Squats and pushups are great, but they only get you so far. Traditional strength and fitness exercise are designed to make you stronger, so you can go do something with it. Most of us are doing nothing with it. If you only do the linear traditional exercises you will become stuck. You need to move your body in the natural and organic ways it’s designed to move.

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Move Strong Now

In 90 days, you'll become both strong and flexible with our comprehensive program that combines strength training, mobility and primal movement. Here's how:

Everything you need in one powerful program.

  1. Potent mobility tools allow you to open up the body especially as a stiff adult. 
  2. Strength training that gives you flexibility through full range of motion so you can actually do something with your strength gains.
  3. Primal movement taps into the natural essence of what your body can do while exploring and having fun. 

How Move Strong Now is structured.

Each week is broken down into 3 training days. You can train as little as 3 days a week or as much as 6. We let you determine your schedule based on how much you want to train.

Day 1


This is where you'll be challenged to build a rock solid calisthenics foundation and keep progressing throughout the program.

Day 2


This is where the potent flexibility exercises will be done. You will use loaded stretching, active dynamic methods and passive stretching all combined to give you real results.

Day 3


This day you will be challenged to learn how to move your body gracefully through animal style and functional movements. This is where we put our newfound strength to use.

Here's what you get

Move Strong Now features

12 Weekly Programs

Each week, you'll receive a new program that progresses into higher level and more complex movement. Choose how much you want to train (as little as 3 days and as many as 6). And with over 50 high-quality video tutorials, you can customize each movement, including progressions and regressions to fit your level.

Add-On Routines for Body Maintenance

We include a warmup, conditioning, core, thoracic mobility, shoulder, ankle and knee care routines to cover all your bases.

Routines for Handstand and Ring Muscle-Up

Our "Beyond" section guides you on how to use Move Strong Now a second time with more advanced variations. We also include routines for achieving your Handstand and Ring Muscle-Up.

Community and Support

Get access to our private group where Josh personally answers any questions from checking form, to what you should do if you feel some pain on a certain exercise.

  • 12 Weekly Programs

  • Add-On Routines

  • Do it from Anywhere

  • Community and Support

Note from Josh

Why I created Move Strong Now

Feel like something is missing from your fitness regimen? This was a big problem for me for years. After I finished playing basketball in college, everything became about "working out." There was no more creativity, no more playfulness, no more friendly competition. Everything was structured and there was no more flow. Things suddenly changed to... How much can I lift to impress people? What kind of diet will get me a six-pack? How much can I punish my body into something I value?

I see now with hindsight... my fitness practice wasn't for me anymore. It was based on what other people said I "should do." It was a way of trying to stroke my ego - to feel good about myself and impress other people. It was no more than another job that I didn't really enjoy. And the only thing that kept pushing me forward was feelings of insecurity.

This all changed when I got injured. A partial meniscus tear. This was the ultimate ego check. I couldn’t do the big deadlifts and squats that I had built my “strong guy” identity on. With my identity stripped away, I had to look for something that I could do while my knee healed… so I found gymnastics and bodyweight calisthenics style training. I was greatly humbled.

I quickly saw how weak I was in this style of training and my poor flexibility was exposed. Years of lifting heavy weights had left me stiff as a board and not very strong when it came to controlling my own bodyweight. I was always a bit “puffy” from cramming my face in the pursuit of “more gains”.

I quickly saw huge changes in how my body felt and looked after switching to bodyweight training. The nagging pain in my hips started to fade. The stiffness in my shoulders and upper spine started to loosen up. The lower back tweaks and pain I experienced for years… we’re completely gone. The leaner physique I was always trying to “diet” to achieve just naturally started to appear. And the athleticism I had lost from my basketball days… was coming back in full force.

As my knee gradually healed back to 100%, I had no desire to go back to the weights. Instead, I felt inspired to keep exploring this style of training and the way my body can naturally move.

I wanted to take my flexibility to the next level. I wanted to pursue handstands. I wanted to learn more animal and flow movements. My days in the fluorescent lights of the gym were swapped for days spent in parks practicing calisthenics and flow under the warm sun. My practice felt exciting again. I felt like there was so much opportunity for growth. “Working out” was not a job anymore but my own heroic journey. My training was something that filled me up and made me feel great about life.

Note from Josh

"Move Strong Now is the reason my life changed for the better."

Years later after growing Strength Side bigger and bigger, I wanted to share the exact training program that made me into the guy you see on YouTube today.

I wanted to share the mobility drills that helped open up my body and free me from the constant stiffness. I wanted to share the Calisthenics that allowed me to gain superior control over my body while keeping my flexibility. And I wanted to share the basic primal flow movements that gave me the spark to feel like a human again (or a monkey!). 

I quickly realized that nobody is doing this type of training in the fitness industry. You can find “flexibility programs”, you can find "strength training programs", you and even take an animal flow course…

But nobody is combining these 3 powerful practices together. 

To be strong, but also flexible.
To move organically, but with structure.
To be a functional human being in every way you can.

What members are saying


What equipment is needed?

All that is necessary is something to hang from. A doorway pullup bar, monkey bars at the park, rings hung from a tree, or your local gym. 

We designed MSN to be done from the comfort of your home. The program is primarily bodyweight based so you can do it anywhere. But you also have the option of adding weight to certain exercises to increase the level.

I’ve gained so much from making my practice more self-reliant, meaning: I don’t need much to make my body strong and flexible. I can do it at home, I can do it on a road trip, I can do it at the gym. It doesn’t matter where I’m at, I can keep making gains. And Move Strong Now will teach you to do the same!

How many days will I train?

We let you determine your schedule based on how much you want to train. Train as little as 3 days a week or as much as 6. Most people who have busy lives can commit to 3 days a week of an hour session. This works out perfectly to hit all 3 days of training each week. If you want to commit more days to training, you choose which days you want to focus on more. 

We have a ton of students who find the best fit for them being 4 days a week, doing the Flexibility Day twice. Or if you would rather focus more on movement, then repeating the movement day. Or the Strength Day. You can tailor the program to fit what you are most passionate about training and improving.

How long is each session?

Each session will last 45-75 minutes.

Is it follow-along routines?

Nope! If you want follow-along routines, we invite you to check out our monthly membership. We have new follow-alongs added each month in strength, stretching, movement and more.

Will I learn calisthenics?

MSN uses general bodyweight strength movements such as pushups, rows, pull-ups, l-sits, etc. to increase overall strength. If you are looking to learn more advanced calisthenics movements such as handstands, levers, and muscle ups this program may not be for you. MSN focuses on developing an unbreakable foundation of strength and mobility to feel good and move forward.

Is MSN for athletes?

It's not designed for any one sport specifically but it will increase your athletic capabilities. The main thing I have gained from doing this program over the last 3 years has been athleticism. I can run faster, jump higher, and put my body in many more positions than ever before.

How long will I have access?

You will receive lifetime access to Move Strong Now with your purchase. You can repeat the program as many times as you like or create your own based on what you've learned. 

Do you offer refunds?

Since Move Strong Now is instantly downloadable, we offer no refunds. Accordingly we are 100% here for you and can help with anything you need! Email us at

Start your journey now.