I’ve grown really fond of at-home training over the years. Even before the pandemic restrictions, I enjoyed being able to take my workouts anywhere—the gym, the park, my backyard. 

With this flexible approach, I maintain better consistency because my training isn’t dependent on a specific place. And changing my physical location keeps things fresh, even when I’m going through the same routines.

The one thing I need regardless of where I train though? Something to hang from. Check out this week’s video for our favorite pull-up bar setups you can rig at home or use wherever you like to train.

Our picks range from the classic doorway pullup bar to a full squat stand. Now, you don’t need to splurge for the fanciest or most expensive option, choose whatever works best for your space and budget. (Hint: The simplest and cheapest move is to use the bars at your local park.)


At-home training doesn’t require a lot of tools but it does benefit from the right ones. Even something as simple as a set of rings can free up your routine, taking you to the next level in your training.