This month, I want to share with you three weird things that I do. These things are "out of the norm" but contribute to me feeling better on a daily basis.

1. Nasal Breathing  

About 4 years ago, I read the book The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick G. Mckeown and was inspired to start using nasal breathing more throughout my life. 

At first, it…didn’t feel that great, particularly during higher-intensity workouts. Nowadays I don’t care if I breathe through my mouth when I exercise. Mouth breathing can help during times of high exertion but definitely not when we’re trying to relax. 

Nasal breathing, on the other hand, helps down-regulate your system and calm your mind. This is especially important at night while we sleep. But I will sometimes end up breathing through my mouth while I sleep which leaves me feeling less rested in the morning. 

So I tape my mouth shut. 

It’s not as uncomfortable as it sounds. I place a small piece of tape right in the center of my lips. It keeps my mouth gently shut and I barely notice it until morning. I’ve been doing this for 4 years and I can say… I see a huge difference in my energy levels and how well I sleep. 

If you wake up a lot at night, snore, or feel really dry-mouthed in the morning give it a shot and see if it helps.

2.  Sun Exposure

You’ve seen Strength Side videos so you know we always have our shirts off. This isn’t just for the clickable thumbnails (although it certainly doesn’t hurt) or to let everyone around me know that I am a beast (just joking 😉).

I take my shirt off during almost every outdoor training session because I want to soak in as much sun as possible.

When I get an hour of sun on my skin, I literally feel healthier. I have more energy but I’m also more relaxed. And after a day spent out in the sun, I sleep like a rock.

If you don’t feel comfortable taking your shirt off, opt for shorts and a tank top instead. Or whatever you feel most comfortable in. Even a little extra skin exposure will do the trick. And if you mix that exposure with physical activity you’ll feel unstoppable.

Of course use protection as needed, I’m not telling you to go fry yourself. But if you spend a lot of time indoors—as most of us do—balance it out with as much sun exposure as you can get…even on cloudy days.

3.  Journaling

Every morning I write in my diary… okay, let’s call it a journal 🙂 It’s become a key part of my Daily Practice, helping me start the day off from a more grounded place.

When I was younger I used to cover a lot in my morning routines: meditation, reading, breath work, walking, cold exposure, the list goes on. These days I just make sure I write a few lines down in my journal. Sometimes it’s just a stream of consciousness about how I’m feeling, sometimes it’s ideas or a gratitude list. Other days it's just an affirmation like “I lead with love”.

There are many benefits to writing some thoughts down. It requires you to be present enough to think about your life, mark your time here on earth, and get to know what’s really on your mind. I come up with most Strength Side videos during these morning sessions. I find that if I sit down to write something on paper, whether I take 30 minutes or just 2, I feel a lot better in my day.

Probably the weirdest thing I do is crawl around like a lizard in the grass, but we’ll end the list here for now 😅. Do you think I should make a Youtube video out of this list? Are there any “weird” things that have become a key part of your wellness routine? Shoot me a reply and let me know.

Before you go, we want to help your kick your summer months off right. One of the easiest ways to do that is by following a really good program…

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