With the growth of social media, ideas spread more quickly.

Things that were much more "underground" are now well-known to everyone.

The cold plunge is a perfect example. Ten years ago, there were a few crazy dudes filling up a horse trough with ice and jumping in after a CrossFit workout. Nowadays, your neighbor has a cold plunge machine... heck, your mom is probably doing them too.

When something is new, edgy, and causes fascination, it becomes popular much more quickly these days.

The negative side of this is that if there's money to be made, then companies and influencers will throw it in our face 24/7.

And, like most of us, you'll feel like you need it.

You need to try it, buy it, do it.

It could be a piece of equipment, supplement, exercise, new technology... or anything else that might make our experience as human beings a little bit better.

I always feel like there's something I'm not doing that I should be. It's crazy how much I feel the need to buy something new compared to ten years ago.

And hey, I'll be honest, I contribute to the problem. We make videos with titles like "3 Exercises you NEED."

Nothing is that important, is it? But their titles get more views. Next week we'll try "3 Exercises that are Pretty Good and if you have time they might give you some benefit but also maybe not." :)


Which would you click?

But jokes aside, what I know to be true at this point in my life is that behind all the flashy things...

There are three pillars that make up the majority of your health.

  1. Consistent exercise practice.
  2. A good diet.
  3. And quality sleep.
I remind myself of this when I see an ad for the new "nootropic max energy but also relaxing with joint and heart health benefits supplement."
I remind myself to stick to my training plan. Some strength work, some stretching, and go for some long hikes.
I remind myself I don't have to eat like a saint. Cook and prepare some of my meals and go easy on the sugar and carby treats.
And I remind myself that if I do those first two and go to bed by 10... I'll sleep well.
But even three things can seem like a lot to manage sometimes.
To distill it even further... what's the one thing that makes everything better?
The master key is consistent exercise.
It will lead to better diet choices, and it's darn good at improving sleep.
It also doesn't mean you need to train like a world-class athlete.
Some daily movement is the best place to start.
If you commit to a small daily movement routine, you'll feel good and most likely motivated to do more.
Movement is one of those things we have to remember actually feels good.
We get so transfixed on goals like bigger muscles, more flexibility, or a trimmed waistline...
But movement feels good even with no attainment of a goal.
There's nothing wrong with trying something new that emerges on the scene. But it's important to remember what our bread and butter is...
Consistent movement and exercise.
There's no one way to do it... Do anything that interests you. Follow your motivations.
For some, it could be a yoga class, for others, it's lifting weights in the gym. Some may enjoy a modern dance class while others may find a running club.
The important part is that it's something you can stick to.
If you have trouble sticking to a plan or getting motivated enough to just get started... the key is to start small.
You can do the Strength Side Daily Practice... it's only 10-15 minutes per day, and it's 100% free.
But you don't NEED to do it... you only need to do something!

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