The last 2 months have been madness.

I moved back to Northern California where I grew up.

I've been gone for almost 15 years... but boy, does it feel like home.

And while doing a cross-country move, why not throw in building a gym?

Yes, I decided it was time to have a Strength Side HQ.

Thank my lucky stars, I met a good buddy a year ago who has some experience building custom gym setups.

We spent about 3 weeks of working non-stop building bars for calisthenics and parkour, lifting stations, a spring floor for stretching and acrobatics, a basketball hoop, and an office to write these emails (it was a warehouse with no rooms).

Now there's a consistent place to shoot videos, train, and invite people in to be monkeys.

But one of the main reasons I opened this space is because I'm going through a big life change.

One that I announce in this week's YouTube video here ⤵️

If you read some of my emails... you'll recognize the words! I made one of the last emails I sent out into a Youtube video. 

So thank you for letting me bounce ideas off you :)


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