Master Mobility in your 30’s and Up

Pike - hamstring and spine flexibility

Horse Stance - hip and inner thigh flexibility

Bridge - shoulder flexibility, hip, and spine extension

Mastering all three of these positions will result in incredibly potent mobility gains for your full body. Below are the directions with the most potent mobility drills to work towards your goals. You can choose to train all 3 at once or work on them individually. At the bottom of the page you can find our recommendations for a weekly schedule.

hamstring and spine flexibility


  1. Good Morning x 8-12 reps +10 sec hold last rep
  2. Jefferson Curl x4-8 reps  +10 sec hold last rep

2-3 sets total

hip and inner thigh flexibility


  1. 4 Position Hip Lift x8-10 reps +10 sec hold last rep
  2. 90/90 Pigeon Hinge x8-10 reps +10 sec hold last rep
  3. High Horse Stance Hold x30-60 seconds

2-3 sets total

shoulder flexibility, hip, and spine extension


  1. Cobra Hang x30-60  sec
  2. Long Lunge Lifts x10 reps +10 sec hold last rep (or substitute Couch Stretch x 60 sec)
  3. Butchers Block x 40-60 sec. (or substitute Wall Downward Dog x 40-60 sec.)

2 sets total

  1. Shoulder Dislocates x8-10 reps
  2. Low Bridge OR Foot Elevated Bridge Pushup x5-10 reps +10 sec hold last rep

3 sets total

*Optional substitute or warmup - 1 arm bridge x5 each side




Perform this full routine 2-3x per week. This session will most likely last an hour or longer so this is a commitment in time and energy. But knocking it all out in one session can free up time to work on strength, endurance or sports in the following days.

Option 2 chunking

Perform in 2 separate days. On day 1 perform the Pike and Horse Stance protocol. On Day 2 perform the Bridge Protocol. Train each 1-2x per week. This will make for a shorter session with more frequency. This could potentially have positive effects as you’ll be working on mobility more days per week.

Option 3 minimalist

Choose 1-2 of the categories to work on for the next few weeks to a few months. Example: Train Back Bridge protocol 2x per week for the next 6 weeks. Move to another category when you’re happy with your progress.