Welcome to Master Mobility

In Master Mobility, we'll be using goal-oriented training to result in incredibly potent mobility gains for your full body. Our three goals are mastering the Pike, Horse Stance and Bridge.

Directions: You can choose to train all 3 goals at once or work on them individually. At the bottom of the page you can find our recommendations for a weekly schedule.

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Hamstring and spine flexibility


  1. Good Morning x 8-12 reps +10 sec hold last rep
  2. Jefferson Curl x4-8 reps  +10 sec hold last rep

2-3 sets total

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Hip and inner thigh flexibility

Horse Stance

  1. 4 Position Hip Lift x8-10 reps +10 sec hold last rep
  2. 90/90 Pigeon Hinge x8-10 reps +10 sec hold last rep
  3. High Horse Stance Hold x30-60 seconds

2-3 sets total

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Shoulder flexibility, hip and spine extension


  1. Cobra Hang x30-60  sec
  2. Long Lunge Lifts x10 reps +10 sec hold last rep (or substitute Couch Stretch x 60 sec)
  3. Butchers Block x 40-60 sec. (or substitute Wall Downward Dog x 40-60 sec.)

2 sets total

  1. Shoulder Dislocates x8-10 reps
  2. Low Bridge OR Foot Elevated Bridge Pushup x5-10 reps +10 sec hold last rep

3 sets total

*Optional substitute or warmup - 1 arm bridge x5 each side

Weekly Schedule

Option 1: Full Focus

Perform this full routine 2-3x per week. This session will most likely last an hour or longer so this is a commitment in time and energy. But knocking it all out in one session can free up time to work on strength, endurance or sports in the following days.

Option 2: Chunking

Perform in 2 separate days. On day 1 perform the Pike and Horse Stance protocol. On Day 2 perform the Bridge Protocol. Train each 1-2x per week. This will make for a shorter session with more frequency. This could potentially have positive effects as you’ll be working on mobility more days per week.

Option 3: Minimalist

Choose 1-2 of the categories to work on for the next few weeks to a few months. Example: Train Back Bridge protocol 2x per week for the next 6 weeks. Move to another category when you’re happy with your progress.

Ready to feel open and flexible in your body?