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Animal Movement

We saw the need for a comprehensive movement program that incorporates various aspects of natural human movement.

Most movement style programs only focus on teaching one element, such as crawling.

We wanted to honor our diverse human capabilities.

In Animal Movement, you’ll learn and embody animal movement patterns. While also re-learning developmental human patterns that we all began with.

You’ll learn a vocabulary of movements and then start to combine movements, putting sentences together so to speak.

The benefits of Animal Movement

If we only do the linear exercises we find in the gym mixed with periods of inactivity, we can lose our natural movement abilities and develop stiffness. Here's why we train Animal Movement:

Organic movement patterns

The human body is designed to bend and twist in infinite ranges of motion. Our muscles and fascia stay healthy through moving the body through all its possible ranges.

Develops a unique style of strength

Strength that comes from the core. Strength that is balanced. Strength that matters in day-to-day life. 

Good for the mind

Moving in creative new ranges unlocks new patterns of thought.

Great conditioning

Animal movement conditions the body and can often lead to fat loss and a leaner physique, minus the cardio.

Improves mobility

By using ranges often overlooked in everyday training. When you use a position with a movement, your body has a good reason to hold onto it.

Encourages more fun

Ready to refresh for your exercise plan?

This program will cover 3 areas of movement

  1. Traversing the ground: Crawling and low to the ground movement patterns that incorporate your full body. The most important natural forms of strength for a healthy body.
  2. Yielding to the floor: Roll and develop a higher quality relationship with gravity and the floor. Before we walk, we crawl, before we crawl....we roll. Rolling is a mastery of core and spine health.
  3. Swinging: Hang, brachiate and traverse your environment from overhead. Honor the shoulders unique capability to grab something overhead and hold on, often lost in adulthood.

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