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Movement Everyday

Press play, follow-along and feel your body open and become balanced.

100+ On-Demand Classes

Stretching, strength and movement routines all done from home.

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5, 15 and 30-minute options make it easy to get your daily dose of movement.

Feeling tired and stiff?

Most of us believe that being stiff in the shoulders and tight in the hips is normal, and that we lose our natural mobility and functional body as we grow older. However, the truth is that we simply don't have the right tools to stay free!

Mainstream fitness often prioritizes looks over functionality. Exercises for glutes, six-pack abs, and heavy lifting may be flashy and trendy, but they do little to actually make you feel good.

As you get older, you need different techniques to gain flexibility. Unfortunately, information on how to keep your body feeling strong and loose can be hard to find!

How can you be the best version of yourself when your body isn't feeling good?

You can become strong, flexible and athletic at any age.

✗ You can reconnect to your body.

✗ You can age gracefully and keep your youthful spirit.

✗ You can move with ease and be flexible like never before.

It just takes the right tools and guidance.

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Choose your plan

We've got two plans for you to choose from, because we want everyone to be able to move and feel good every day.

Base Membership

Get access to our video library with more than 100 follow-along routines that are exclusively designed to help you get flexible and strong. And the best part: it only costs $9.99 a month!


+ Flexibility Flow

When you upgrade, you get access to our video library plus our newest program Flexibility Flow. This 4-month series guides you through weekly Mobility and Movement sessions.


Upgrade for $29.99/month

Flexibility Flow

Designed for the beginner to stretching and movement, Flexibility Flow guides you through daily movement to increase your flexibility while having fun.

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How Flexibility Flow works

Each week, you'll receive 3 new sessions that build upon the previous week, gently guiding you to greater flexibility and higher-quality movement.

We combine stretching sessions to open stiff muscles and joints with movement sessions that help you use your flexibility in natural ways. Plus, enjoy a 5-minute daily routine each week to use as a warm-up or on off-days to stay limber.

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