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FEELING tired and stiff?

Most of us believe that being stiff in the shoulders and tight in the hips is normal, and that we lose our natural mobility and functional body as we grow older. However, the truth is that we simply don't have the right tools to stay free!

Mainstream fitness often prioritizes looks over functionality. Exercises for glutes, six-pack abs, and heavy lifting may be flashy and trendy, but they do little to actually make you feel good.

As you get older, you need different techniques to gain flexibility. Unfortunately, information on how to keep your body feeling strong and loose can be hard to find!

How can you be the best version of yourself when your body isn't feeling good?

Here's the good news...


✗ You can reconnect to your body.

✗ You can age gracefully and keep your youthful spirit.

✗ You can move with ease and be flexible like never before.

It just takes the right tools and guidance.

Transform Your Body The Right Way

How Does the membership Work?

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Start your free trial and gain access to over 100+ exclusive routines instantly.

Step 2

Commit to one routine each day. It only takes 10-20 minutes!

Step 3

Improve your flexibility & strength, connect with your body and most importantly, feel free.

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movement for everyone


We've got two plans for you to choose from, because we want everyone to be able to move and feel good every day.



Get access to our video library with more than 100 follow-along routines that are exclusively designed to help you get flexible and strong. And the best part: it only costs $9.99 a month!



When you upgrade, you get access to our video library plus our newest program Flexibility Flow for just $20 more. This 4-month series guides you through weekly Mobility and Movement sessions along with new Daily Practices. Pretty sweet deal, right?

upgrade for only $29.99/month


We're super excited to introduce our new weekly series, Flexibility Flow. Week by week, we guide you confidently through greater flexibility and higher-quality movement.

Increase your flexibility and natural movement capabilities while having fun

We designed this program for the beginner to stretching and movement. There’s no prerequisites. Whether you're stiff and haven't worked out in a while or you're a daily gym-goer looking for extra stretching in your routine, Flexibility Flow is for you.


4-month mobility + movement series

Each week, you'll receive 3 new sessions that build upon the previous week, gently guiding you to greater flexibility and higher-quality movement.

We combine stretching sessions to open stiff muscles and joints with movement sessions that help you use your flexibility in natural ways. Plus, enjoy a 5-minute daily routine each week to use as a warm-up or on off-days to stay limber.




A recent injury left me very stagnant. Very unproductive. And I saw my mind going negative very quickly.

As the injury slowly healed... I gradually started moving more again.  A simple walk with my dog felt so great. Being able to handle a bit more stretching and slow flow movement. Transitioning into some lower body strength work... I saw an equal peak in my emotional state.

I still wasn’t able to run, jump, and play like I really wanted to. But I was able to get my blood flowing again and find some flow moving my body in the most basic ways. And this brought me back alive. It brought my motivation levels higher. I was in a much better mental state.

my big lesson was this...

we need movement in our lives to feel good and grounded

It doesn’t have to be crazy pistol squats, handstands, or back flips.

It only has to allow us to drop into our bodies, move our joints, and feel that blood flow.

10-20 minutes a day is all we need to connect to our bodies and feel good everyday.

The Strength Side membership is here for you to press play, follow-along, and feel good.

Strength & Flexibility Unleashed...

What Makes Our Membership so Effective?

Move your body in fun, engaging ways

The same old movements are only gonna get you the same old results. Our membership focuses on the right way to move your body to keep you motivated and feeling good everyday. 

Train 1:1 with Strength Side, in real-time

Press play and get coached by the Strength Side team in real-time. Our workouts improve your flexibility daily, develop your strength in real-life movements and most importantly, feel good. 

Your daily dose of movement

One routine a day is the easiest way to unlock your body’s natural ability to move and be light. And it literally only takes 10-20 minutes! You’ll stretch, strengthen, and move AND it’s all with the intention of being free in your body. 

don't take our word for it...

member transformations



✗ Unlock your body's natural ability to move.

✗ Improve your flexibility daily.

✗ Become stronger in real-life movements.

Move with ease and be functional like never before.

questions? we got answers.

Is this for beginners?

Absolutely! We designed our membership for beginners to stretching and movement. There are no prerequisites. Whether you're stiff and haven't worked out in a while or you're a daily gym-goer looking for extra stretching in your routine, our membership is for you.

What's the difference between the Strength Side Membership, Flexibility Flow and Move Strong Now?

The Membership ($9.99/month) gives you access to 100+ guided follow-along workouts. Best for people who don’t have a ton of time to workout but want to get their daily, nourishing movement in.

Flexibility Flow ($29.99/month) is a 4-month weekly series offered in the membership as an upgrade. Week by week, we gently guide you through greater flexibility and better quality movement.

Move Strong Now ($249) is 90-day strength, mobility and movement program. Best for self-motivated people who are serious about unlocking their body and ready to commit to an hour of training 3-6x a week! Note: it's a training program with reps and sets - not a follow-along workout.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes! You can cancel anytime easily from your Account dashboard.

Do I need any equipment?

No equipment needed! Every routine is bodyweight-based and can be done from anywhere. All you need is a device to press play!

Can I download the videos and use them offline?

Yes! We're super excited to offer the ability to take your workouts offline. Select the routine you want to download and you'll see a ⬇ symbol next to the Title.

Are these the same follow-alongs on your YouTube channel?

We've selected a handful of our favorites from YouTube, but over 100 routines are exclusive to the membership.

What is the difference between the Base Membership and the All-Access Membership?

With the Base Membership, get access to over 100 exclusive follow-along routines for only $9.99 per month. These routines are specially designed to help you open up your body and take back flexibility while building strength.

And if you upgrade to the All Access Membership, for $20 more you get access to Flexibility Flow. This is a 4 month program within the Strength Side Membership that guides you through Mobility and Movement sessions along with new Daily Practices.

The best way to transform is to get started now