Bulletproof Knees

Directions: Start with 2-3 times per week. Once you figure out what schedule gives you the best results, you may want to pick out those exercises and add them to your strength training routine.

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Bulletproof Knees Routine

1. Foam Roll Lateral Leg,2-4 min. each leg
2. Single Leg Hinge Stretch, 20 sec. hold x 3
3. Knee Circles,20 each direction
4. Poloquin/Peterson Step Up, 15-20 (beginner) or 8-15 reps (full range)
5. Single Leg Calf Raise, 10-15 each leg
6. Sidelying Leg Lift, 8-12 reps with 6 sec pause at top
7. Split Squat, 8-12 reps, pause 5-10 sec on last rep before knee touches ground
8. Squat to Seiza, 2-6 reps *only if knees feel healthy

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Bonus Exercise

Hamstring Leg Curl, 5-10 reps