Happy New Year everyone!

What do you want to value for your body in 2024?

I encourage you to go to your notes app and jot down a few statements.

Sure, it could be a certain goal you want to achieve… for example, a Back Bridge or Muscle Up.

But maybe even better, write down how you want to feel in your body. Or what kind of habits you want to develop.

No pressure. Just take a few breaths and think about what your body wants. Or maybe feel what your body truly wants :) You can change your mind at any time.

Personally, I had a couple minor injuries last year that had me feeling slightly off at times. 

I want to feel healthy and capable this year. I want to feel light in my body. I want to get stronger while staying open and flexible. 

I do have a couple technical goals, but those are far less important than how I want to feel on a daily basis.

One of the messages that we feel is very important to the Strength Side ethos is that you should enjoy the movement you do with your body. 

Many people fall off from consistent exercise because they're doing stuff they don't enjoy that someone else said they "need to do."

There's no hierarchy in movement! 

Finding something that you're motivated to go "figure out" is the holy grail.

Last year, we put together a video with 10 Movements Goals that could be interesting for you to try.

Maybe one of them catches your eye and gets you motivated to move this new year!

I'm a huge fan of setting a big goal that will add value to your body. For example, if you set the goal to work towards a back bridge… along the way you'll improve your hip, spine and shoulder mobility. Even if you never fully achieve the goal… you'll receive loads of benefits in your body. 

One of the things I'm really proud of this year is that we gave a lot of FREE routines away on YouTube. There's so much content, we felt inspired to give people actionable steps they can take today. If you're feeling motivated and want to try some of our work…

Here are a few you can choose from:

But my biggest accomplishment this year was becoming a father. My wife Chrissy and I had twin boys back in July. I'm still getting my head around the fact that I have sons, plural. There's been some sleepless nights and some stressful times. But when those boys are smiling and giggling with their mom and I, life seems to make more sense than it has in the past. There's fulfillment that's really hard to put into words.

I didn't anticipate that fatherhood would leave me feeling extremely motivated.

Maybe it's a primal instinct that says be a role model! And follow your mission not just for yourself but now… for your family. 

So I look forward to this year being the best Strength Side year to date. It's our YouTube 10 year anniversary, so it falls in alignment 

Be on the lookout for an app with new dope programs, a book release, high-value new video content and some thoughtful emails. And hey maybe we'll get around to dropping a few "human animal" t-shirts (sorry many people ask and we keep pushing it off. Anybody want to help?

Sometimes I meet people in "real life" that know me from Strength Side and I'm blown away that every single time… they are someone I would love to hang out with. I'm so thankful to have like-minded people in our community that vibe with us. And support us. So thank you for being around. If you ever see me at a park or in an airport… give me a shout.

We'll be doing a flash sale on our flagship product Move Strong Now soon. If you're feeling motivated to crush it this year, we'd love to have you. Be on the lookout for the next email.


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